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Two Hound Red brew pub set to open at old Schmid Pharmacy

old schmid pharmacy

Glen Ellyn continues to see a revitalization of its restaurant and night life, and the latest addition to the scene looks to be Two Hound Red brew pub.  The pub recently had its funding approved by the Glen Ellyn Village Board, and is set to move into the old Schmid Pharmacy (I used to love the caramel they had at the checkout counter) at the corner of Pennsylvania and Glenwood, just down the street from A Toda Madre.

No details were given about when the pub is hoping to officially open, but their business plan described the vision they have:

Two Hound Red would revolve around a farm-to-table concept, with the food being locally sourced as much as possible. The menu would include such items as pulled pork poutine, chicken satay, burgers, steak and frites, salmon, meatloaf and pizza.

At they add a few more interesting details by saying:

The proposed microbrewery would have 12 rotating beers brewed on site and focus on serving “great craft cocktails.” Also included in the proposal is the first rooftop dining experience in Glen Ellyn.

Sounds like a place that would appeal to many in this area.  As long as the food is good and the beer menu is interesting, I’d bet on this one sticking around longer than the typical downtown bar openings of the past.

My only problem with the place is the name.  Two Hound Red, what does that even mean? Why not Two Red Hounds?  Then ‘brew pub’ is thrown on the back and it’s just a real mouthful.  Maybe it’s just me and Two Hound Red will catch on and be a typical thing to hear. Or maybe let’s meet up at Two Hound?  Doesn’t seem to stick.  I hope there is at least some kind of explanation of the name when you walk in.

THR.  That’s what I’m sticking with for now. Hopefully the place will be relevant enough to use that acronym.

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