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Panera gearing up for a move from it’s current Glen Ellyn location

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There is a cool feature Glen Ellyn has on their official website that shows an interactive map of proposed new developments, and this proposed Panera move is one of my favorites. I really do not enjoy going to the current Panera location on Roosevelt Road because it’s tucked away so far from the entrance that you need to take a slow crawl through a busy parking lot to get to it. Another thing to note at this location is that their online pickup station is right next to the entrance door. It’s actually facing the parking lot, so looking beyond the fact that an outdoor chill is cooling the food, there is also the fear that anyone could easily stroll on up and snatch a bag. I’d like to think that we as a society are completely beyond that kind of behavior but it’s still in the back of my mind whenever I place an order to go.

At this new Panera though, there will be less of a need to place an order to go because, yes, they are going to have a drive-thru and I can’t wait to be able to grab my hazelnut coffee on the go.

The new proposed location is at 799 Roosevelt Road, which is actually a perfect location for a new shopping center as it’s currently just corporate office space and a bunch of asphalt. Here’s what it looks like on Google maps:

proposed location of new panera bread glen ellynJust a seven minute walk from the office, not bad, and I could walk through Panfish on my way there…and see the new police station (really not happy about a giant new police station ruining the vibe at Panfish Park).

Here’s the gist from the village:

Proposed, as part of Phase I of a larger redevelopment project at 799 Roosevelt, is a new Panera Bread with a drive-thru as well as two other new commercial buildings (occupants TBD). The Panera establishment would be relocating from its current location at Market Plaza.

Market Plaza is about to become even more boring than it’s name with the departure of Panera, and it can’t come soon enough in my book. They really should reconsider a name change over there, especially up against the likes of Pickwick Place. Or they can just repurpose that whole shopping center when Jewel moves to Baker Hill.

Unfortunately there are no details about when this move will take place, so for now I will continue to get my Panera from the location on Butterfield Road in Wheaton.

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