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I have to make time for the Arboretum light show, and so should you

illumination at the morton arboretum
Illumination: Tree Lights at the Morton Arboretum

The Morton Arboretum, which blankets the south boundaries of Glen Ellyn and Wheaton with 1700 sprawling acres, is one of the truly unique and charming aspects of living out here in DuPage County. Having such an expansive and diverse nature preserve just a few minutes away is a luxury I sometimes take for granted.

While the Arboretum is an ideal summertime destination for a family outing, a pick-nick date, hiking, biking, or just to have a private stroll through nature, they continue to offer events throughout the year. Their most recent event was the Cider and Ale Festival that took place this past October 22, and their current event is the enchanting Illumination:

See trees in a different light.

  • Stroll a mile-long paved path through the winter woods.
  • Let award-winning lights and projections spark your imagination.
  • Hug or sing to trees, and they respond!
  • See lights dance to excerpts from The Nutcracker recorded by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
  • Make memories with a night unlike any other!

The past three or four years I have either talked about going to this or it’s been brought up to me and for one reason or another we have never actually made it out.

This year the streak stops. Seriously, read those bullet points again, it sounds incredible.

Unfortunately this event is already selling out fast. This coming Saturday, December 17 is completely sold out for both the 5 pm and 7:30 time slots, while Friday has just the 5 pm slot available and Sunday has just 7:30 available. If you’d like to get tickets for the following weekend though, Friday, December 23 still has both times available. The event will be closed on both Christmas and Christmas Eve and will run through Monday, January 2.

Looking ahead to 2017, here’s a full list of upcoming ticketed events at the Arboretum:





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