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Chocolaterie Stam further delayed, offer first taste for limited time

chocoloterie stam rendering glen ellyn

Chocolaterie Stam had undergone a painstaking time of trying to open up shop in downtown Glen Ellyn, and unfortunately the opening has again been delayed. An early report of the store’s impending arrival came in September of 2014 when the Daily Herald published an article highlighting three new business additions to Glen Ellyn: Thai Thai Express (which has become a personal fave), Core Power Yoga (rave Yelp reviews) and Chocolaterie Stam, which was expected to open by the end of that year.

This his how the project was described at the time: “Chocolaterie Stam will sell chocolates, gelato and coffee for local sweet tooths…the shop is expected to open before the end of the year at 560 Crescent Blvd.”

Two years have gone by and still no Stam. The store location has also changed, from 560 Crescent Blvd to 530 Pennsylvania Ave, just across the street from A Toda Madre. The store has been approved for an outdoor seating area, which is always nice, and will offer coffee and gelato. If the gelato is up to par, this could be a great destination after filling up on delicious tacos.

For now though, the store remains closed due to construction delays, and expects to open sometime this spring. However, that is not stopping the store owner Elizabeth Mager from setting up a pop-up shop to get the word out, offering up an early taste of European chocolate decadence.

When I read about the temporary store, which will be open through Christmas Eve, I couldn’t resist checking out the setup and sampling some tasty treats.  The temporary store location is actually in a house that’s for sale, at 499 Anthony:

So far there is just a small assortment of chocolates available, and I chose three treats to sample:

The gold bottle supposedly had brandy in it, which initially piqued my curiosity. Then I saw a sign on the wall signifying ID would be necessary for this type of chocolate, so my curiosity overcame me and I had to try one.

When I took my first bite I was surprised that actual brandy was coming out of this chocolate bottle. I don’t know why I had expected anything less. That little beauty cost $1.95, and you can buy four of them for $4.95.

The total for my bounty was $11.71, not cheap but I’d say it was worth it. I have no idea what the chocolate leaves are because they weren’t labeled, but biting into one instantly sent my mouth into white chocolate heaven.

I have yet to try the hot chocolate stick since I’m out of milk, but I was too intrigued by the concept that I had to pick one up.

Talking to the owner Elizabeth Mager, the sense that this journey to open her store is almost over is clearly apparent. Her enthusiasm for the store and what it can be for the community is also evident, and from what I can tell the store seems destined to succeed. If so, the winning streak will continue for new downtown Glen Ellyn businesses.

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