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Get excited for new Glen Ellyn restaurant Maize + Mash

Barrel + Rye in Geneva, IL

Maize + Mash is a bar and American bistro that will open its doors in downtown Glen Ellyn sometime in 2017, next to Shannon’s Irish Pub and across the street from Fire & Wine. What makes this opening interesting is that Maize + Mash is set to be the Glen Ellyn version of the popular Geneva restaurant, Barrel + Rye.

Ever since opening in November of 2014, Barrel + Rye has received rave reviews for both it’s food and its ridiculously long whiskey menu, as well as for their specialty cocktails. B+R took home West Suburban Living’s “Best of the West” award for Best New Restaurant and currently ranks #6 on Trip Advisor’s list of 10 best restaurants in Geneva. Not surprisingly, the restaurant ranking #1 on that list is Bien Trucha, the original version of Glen Ellyn’s A Toda Madre.

So another Geneva clone is heading its way east, and hopefully it will transfer over as seamlessly as ATM. Renovations are under way, but unfortunately the restaurant doesn’t appear close to opening any time soon. Here’s a picture of the renovations from The Glen Ellyn Forum:


Doesn’t quite look inviting just yet. However, that picture cannot keep my excitement at bay for this place to open. Just check out the stylishly delicious menu and pictures over at the Barrel + Rye website. I dare you to click that link and not get hungry.

It’s uncertain when exactly the restaurant will officially open for business, but when it does, I’ll be one of the first in line to check it out.

UPDATE: Breaking news from Facebook, March 1st is the targeted opening date:



5 comments on “Get excited for new Glen Ellyn restaurant Maize + Mash

  1. Robert J Gorman

    My bday is March 1st can I get an invite to the opening?
    Bar is good or table for 6!


  2. Love the new blog Kyle!


  3. Kyle, this blog is a GREAT idea! You can do so much to share the charm, traditions, and atmosphere of a small town that home-buyers will benefit from in Glen Ellyn!


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