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New drive-thru Jimmy Johns to open at Park and Roosevelt

Jimmy Johns new location Glen Ellyn rendering

This is going to sound sad, but it’s true. When I first visited Miami University in Oxford to see if I wanted to go to school there, while I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, what really sealed the deal for me was that they had a Jimmy Johns just a short walk from the edge of campus. My love of the Turkey Tom ran deep at the time, still does to this day. There’s just something elegant about the simplicity of the #4 that it had me hooked, and knowing I could easily get my fix made everything right in the world. I’m not sure how much I actually visited that Jimmy John’s during my time at Miami, but my love for a Jimmy’s sub has endured.

When I first became acquainted with Jimmy Johns it was at it’s current Glen Ellyn location in Bunker Hill, next to a Hollywood Video. How long ago does Hollywood Video feel? I’ll cut this tangent short by saying that I miss the days of going into a store and picking out a movie. Anyways, my early days with Jimmy John’s always involved me going to the store myself. The beauty of JJ’s though is in their “freaky fast” sub prep, and these days I usually opt for delivery. It literally is freaky fast by the way. I’ll call and ten minutes later my lunch is at the door, it’s a beautiful thing.

However, with this new Jimmy John’s at the northeast corner of Park and Roosevelt, I’ll now be able to simply drive up, order a sub and be on my way. I’m not sure why the big wigs at Jimmy John’s headquarters didn’t do this sooner. They’ve branded themselves as super fast food preppers, yet hadn’t embraced the drive thru until now. While I love Pot Belly, this will definitely replace the meals where I may have otherwise opted for the PB drive thru (which doesn’t really make much sense at all, those sandwiches take a while and then it’s cold when you get home).

This new Jimmy Johns will be a relocation of the current Bunker Hill store, and it looks like it’ll be a breeze to get in and out of.

site of new jimmy johns drive thru glen ellyn
View of the new Jimmy Johns location from Park Blvd.

The official address of the new location is at 632 Roosevelt Road, and looks like it will be pretty easily accessible from either Roosevelt or Park. Trustees approved a special use permit for the sight, which was never originally designed to accommodate a drive thru. One of the conditions of the approval was that a barrier will be created allowing only right-in and right-out turn lanes from Roosevelt.

632 Roosevelt Rd - site of new Jimmy Johns drive thru
View of new Jimmy John’s location from Roosevelt Road.


There is no word yet when the actual relocation will take place, but I hungrily await the day that this opens!







2 comments on “New drive-thru Jimmy Johns to open at Park and Roosevelt

  1. Susan K Johansen

    You are too funny!! There has been a drive through JJ for years on County Farm Rd just north of Roosevelt! So you can volunteer your time with the dogs at the shelter and then reward yourself with a drive through JJ for some yummy Turkey Tom #4!!


    • Really? Why are they not more prevelant? Just makes too much sense. I’ve never actually seen a Jimmy Johns drive thru before, I wonder how many there are.


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