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Owner’s of A Toda Madre bring unique new restaurant Santo Cielo to Naperville

hotel indigo naperville santo cielo

There isn’t a restaurant I get more excited to dine at these days than A Toda Madre in Glen Ellyn. If I try hard enough I can almost taste the Camarones pan-seared shrimp tacos with their decadent lime chihuahua cheese topping melting in my mouth, not to mention countless other delectable items on their menu. It’s a shame that I have not been to the original Bien Trucha in Geneva, or the newest addition Quiubo in Naperville, but why go there when A Toda Madre is so close? Santo Cielo, however, appears to be worth traveling to.

The team behind these restaurants is on a roll and they aren’t slowing down, this time though the Cano brothers are changing things up with their first non-Mexican themed restaurant.

“We’re calling it a kitchen with no boundaries,” said Julio Cano to the Chicago Tribune. “We’re putting together a menu with influences from South America, Asia, the Mediterranean, Latin countries — we want to be as creative as we can. There still will be some trace of Bien Trucha DNA in our commitment to excellent food, music, atmosphere and service.”

This already sounds amazing, but the good news doesn’t stop there. The new restaurant will take over the fifth floor at Hotel Indigo, providing nearly complete panoramic views.

“We’re in the tallest building in downtown Naperville,” Rodrigo Cano said. “Nothing is blocking us. We have views of the Riverwalk, the green line of trees, even the Moser Tower on the horizon. We were joking the other day about naming the private-dining room the Sunset Room, as that’s how it faces.”

The restaurant will have a 65-seat capacity in the main dining area, with a bar that can hold another 50 cocktail enthusiasts. Located on the top floor of the hotel, the restaurant will be surrounded by three-panel windows that can be opened up two-thirds of the way, providing open air dining in the warmer months.

This new restaurant truly sounds like a unique, and sure-to-be delicious destination worthy of checking out no matter where in the western suburbs you may live.

I’ve also held the best news for last, it opens today.

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  1. I saw this when we were in town briefly this week! Can’t wait to try!

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